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Kaizen Taken from the Japanese words kai and zen where kai means change and zen means good. The popular meaning is continuous improvement of all areas of a company not just quality.

Key Performance Indicators
KPI refers to the short list of measurable parameters that will indicate how well the business is doing at attaining its goals. In a manufacturing quality scenario, this may be the amount of scrap or rework that gets metered. In a service quality scenario, such as an insurance company, this may be the open inventory of unprocessed claims. In brand management, market share in itself and in comparison with competing brands is sure to be relevant. In logistics, on time deliveries, empty return loads, or missing items are candidate indicators.

KJ method
Another name for the affinity diagram, after its inventor, Kawakita Jiro.

Knowledge Management
The leveraging of collective wisdom to increase responsiveness and innovation.

Life cycle methodology. The use of any one of several structured methods to plan, design, implement, test. and operate a system from its conception to the termination of its us. See: waterfall model.

Line Charts
Charts used to track the performance without relationship to process capability or control limits.

Logic analysis
. (IEEE) Evaluates the safety-critical equations, algorithms, and control logic of the software design. (2) Evaluates the sequence of operations represented by the coded program and detects programming errors that might create hazards.

Lower Control Limit
A horizontal dotted line plotted on a control chart which represents the lower process limit capabilities of a process.