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JIT Just-In-Time: An inventory control system where components/products and services are delivered to the customer only when needed.

Job control language.
(IEEE) A language used to identify a sequence of jobs, describe their requirements to an operating system, and control their execution.

. (IEEE) A user-defined unit of work that is to be accomplished by a computer. For example, the compilation, loading, and execution of a computer program. See: job control language.

Joseph M. One of the quality gurus, and, like Deming, an early student of the work of Walter Shewhart at Western Electric. His work has specialized in linking management to quality engineering. Dr. Juran is the founder of the Juran Institute which has long been the vehicle of his work in quality management and is well-known for espousing "the quality trilogy" of quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement. Juran has authored many books and other works in an effort to spread awareness of quality management ideas and applications.

Just in time
A policy calling for the delivery of material, products or services at the time they are needed in an activity or process to reduce inventory, wait time and spoilage.

Just-in-time instruction
Training given as needed for immediate application, without lag time and the usual loss of retention.