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Hazard analysis A technique used to identify conceivable failures affecting system performance, human safety or other required characteristics. See: FMEA, FMECA, FTA, software hazard analysis, software safety requirements analysis, software safety design analysis, software safety code analysis, software safety test analysis, software safety change analysis.

Hazard probability
(DOD) The aggregate probability of occurrence of the individual events that create a specific hazard.

Hazard severity
(DOD) An assessment of the consequence of the worst credible mishap that could be caused by a specific hazard.

(DOD) A condition that is prerequisite to a mishap.

A specialized bar chart showing the distribution of measurement data. It will pictorially reveal the amount and type of variation within a process. It is a bar chart showing a distribution of variables. An example would be to line up by height a group of people in a course. Normally one would be the tallest and one would be the shortest and there would be a cluster of people around an average height. Hence the phrase "normal distribution". This tool helps identify the cause of problems in a process by the shape of the distribution as well as the width of the distribution.

Homogenity of Variance
The variances of the groups being contrasted are equal (as defined by statistical test of significant difference).

Hoshin kanri
Japanese term for hoshin planning, a form of interactive strategic planning which aids the flow of information up and down the organizational layers in a systematic, productive way.

Hoshin planning
A method of strategic planning for quality. It helps executives integrate quality improvement into the organization's long-range plan. It is a method used to ensure that the mission, vision, goals, and annual objectives of an organization are communicated to and implemented by everyone, from the executive level to the 'front line' level."