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Also known as the Tissue remedies or Schussler's tissue salt remedies.

This is a system of medicine evolved by Dr.Schussler in 1873. Schussler was a homeopath who propounded the theory that disease is caused by the insufficiency of organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body and that the supply of these deficient salt(s) cures diseases.

Schussler identified 12 homeopathic medicines as the biochemic remedies. These twelve basic salts are : 

1) Calcarea fluor (Calcium fluoride)

2) Calcium phosphorica (Calcium phosphate)

3) Calcium sulphate

4) Ferrum phosphorica (Iron phosphate)

5) Kali muriaticum (Potassium chloride)

6) Kali phosphorica (Potassium phosphate)

7) Kali sulphurica (Potassium sulphate)

8) Magnesia Phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate)

9) Natrum muriaticum (Sodium chloride)

10) Natrum sulphuricum(Glauber's salt - Sodium sulphate)

11) Natrum phosphoricum (Sodium phosphate) 

12) Silicea. 
These medicines given in a low potency 1x,2x,6x,12,x,30x could serve as a healing agent.


Biochemic remedy table

Indicators for use of biochemic remedies in some disorders




The following table lists out the biochemic remedies. It also points out the indicators for prescription of these medicines - such as the state of the tongue, the discharges, the aggravations (factors worsening the problems) and ameliorations (factors improving / alleviating the problem). This table would be a ready reckoner for practitioners to prescribe.

Medicine Indicated mainly in  State of tongue Discharges Aggravations Ameliorations
Calc fluor Bone related problems, lumbago, piles Cracked Thick, lumpy yellow discharge from nose, Expectoration yellow mucus. Flooding in menses, yellow pus from ulcers Damp weather. Rest Cold fomentation. By rubbing. 
By Heat
Calc phos General tonic, cough, skin problems  Bad taste in the morning Discharges albuminous (like the white of egg) Night.
Getting wet.
Warm room.
Warm weather.
Calc sulph all kinds of suppurations Clay coloured, sour, soapy, acrid taste. Discharges of gonorrhea & leucorrhoea / expectoration much bloody - yellow mixed with blood Getting wet.
By washing.
Dry environment.
Ferr phos First stages of all pains, fever, inflammations Clean & red. Also throat dry. Dryness, burning & scanty expectoration mixed with blood, Menses bright red. Easily coagulates Heat.
Hot drinks.
Shaking of head.
Cold air.
Cold applications.
Kali mur Respiratory problems, tonsils/throat problems White or grey coated Thick, white, slime or phlegm. Motion clay coloured, Stools bloody, blood from scales (eczema) Eating rich & fat food.
Hot application & drinks.
Kali phos Brain disorders. Nerves & muscles related problems Stale, brownish - mustard like taste. Dry in the morning. Blood thin,black,offensive odour. Burning scalding. Dysentry with pure blood, stools- offensive odour. Noise.
Being alone.
Cheerful excitement.
Gentle motion.
Kali sulph Headaches, Skin related, asthmatic problems Yellow, slimy, whitish edges. Taste lost, burning heat in mouth. Peeling of lip skin. Slimy, yellowish or greenish mucus discharge. Skin hot and dry. scaling of scalp. Expectoration profuse - shiny, yellow/greenish. Evenings.
Pains move from side to side.
Cool air.
Open air.
Mag phos Spasms, pains, cardiac related problems. Clean / coated white. Dry mouth, sticky saliva at corners of lip. Diarrohoea watery, menstrual flow - dark, clotted, intermittent. Open air.
Cold air.
Cold drinks.
At Night.
Warm room.
Warm weather.
Hot drinks.
Light pressure.
Bending over double.


Nat mur malarial conditions, gastro-bilous problems. Dry,parched,sore throat, salty taste, blisters. Excess secretions, sneezing, vomiting of clear,watery phlegm (with great thirst). Diarrhoea watery. Thin watery blood with menses. Polyuria (diabetes), Leucorrhoea discharge watery, starch like.  Mornings.
Cold air.
Open air.
Nat phos Liver & gastric problems. Moist, yellow, creamy at back of tongue. Acid taste. Creamy discharges (eyes, ears). Vomiting of sour fluids. Morning sickness. sour smelling stools (with mucus).  Yellow discharges (eczema, leucorrhoea. .  Thunderstorm.
Open air.
After eating.
Itching in bed.
Headache (morning)
Warm room.
Nat sulph Diabetes, chills, pains. Dirty green, grey, brown. Bitter taste. Full of saliva. Pus changes to green on exposure to light. Diarrhoea green stools, urine red, brick-like. Diabetes, eczema yellow watery. Cold.
Cold Weather.
Dry and warm room.
Warm weather.
Sil Skin, spine & mental problems Hardening of tongue, ulcers. Pustules, yellow pus,loose expectoration, rattling of thick yellow pus. Stools foetid, offensive. Pus & mucus in urine. Foot sweat. Night.
Full moon.
Open air.
Cold air.
Warm room.

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The following medicines are generally indicated for the specified problems. It is advisable to start the medicine with low potency (1x / 3x) and proceed to higher potencies (6x,12x,30x and even 200x) in case there is no improvement. However for severe problems, higher potencies may be started off with.
Dosage generally is three times a day (4 pills at a time)[For sensitive patients advisable only one pill at a time], taken dry on the tongue, on an empty stomach. In case of acute problems - the medicine may be taken every 15 minutes or half-an-hour.
In case there is no improvement even after 6-7 doses, either change the prescription or consult a competent doctor.
(Remember there is no substitute to the materia medica / repertory)



Abscess (bleeding), boils (painful)

Silicea & Calc sulph

Acidity, indigestion, heart burn, peptic ulcer

Nat phos

Allergic bronchitis (cough,wheezing),breathing disorders

Kali mur

Allergic rhinitis (sneezing, cold, headache)

Nat mur & Nat sulph

Angina (Chest pain)

Mag phos

Anxiety, tension

Kali phos


Nat mur

Corns (feet)



Nat sulph


Ferr phos & Kali phos

Hair falling - thin hair strands

Nat mur

Hair falls due to weakness or ailments suffering from

Cal phos

Hair falls in bunches


Hair growth - to stimulate

Calc phos & Sil

Hair loss (bald spots) due to dandruff

Kali sulph


Cal phos / Kali phos


Ferr phos, Kali mur, Nat sulph


Cal phos / Kali mur / Nat mur

Lumbago - aches worse by cold & better by heat & pressure

Mag phos

Lumbago - pain at nape & cervical region

Calc phos

Lumbago - pain worse while resting, better by heat.

Calc fluor

Mania (depressions, mental problems)

Kali phos

Mouth ulcers

Ferr phos, Kali mur, Nat phos

Obesity (overweight)

Calc phos, Nat mur & Sil


Mag phos

Pain - colic, abdominal, stomach

Mag phos


Calc phos, Kali phos, Mag phos

Piles (Itching, bleeding)

Calc fluor

Pimples , acne

Calc phos


Kali mur & Sil

Sleeplessness (Insomnia)

Kali phos & Ferr phos

Stone in kidney

Mag phos to alleviate pain
Sil & Calc phos to dissolve stone

Suicidal disposition (wants to die)

Kali phos

Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat

Kali mur


Kali phos

Typhoid (fever)

Ferr phos, Kali phos & Kali mur

Vertigo (giddiness)

Kali phos

Weakness, general debility, exhaustion

Kali phos

Worms (children)

Nat phos & Kali mur

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