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This Website is to spread the awareness of "Homeopathy" for minimising the sufferings of mankind
What is Homeopathy?
Be Your Own Doctor
Chronic Diseases-Hahnemann
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Online Consultancy
Materia Medica Nash
Materia Medica Boericke
Materia Medica Kent
Biochemic Remedies
Article- Hair Falling

Be Your Own Doctor !

Step- 1 :
Please Register yourself . The first 50 registrations will qualify for free Tutorials.

Step- 2:
Tutorials is expected to start in 3 months time.
In the mean time please try to read and understand the subject and go through the followings:
What is Homeopathy ?
Read and Learn more
Organon - Hahnemann : Basic theories
Materia Medica : How it helps in selecting medicines
Repertory :What is it and how it helps in selecting medicines


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