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It is a pity that we are yet to resolve the exact process Homeopathy medicines follow to cure people. May be the best brains are busy resolving something else somewhere.
There have been thousands of cases where only few globules of Homeopathy medicines permanently cured people.
It is extremely powerful, without any side effect and cures permanently provided the right medicine is selected for the right patient. This is the key. More we are understanding "DNA", we know the root cause of difference of constitution of human beings. Thus creating varieties of people who respond differently to the same Homeopathy medicine.
To-day the computer help is sought in analysing large numbers of variables collected from the feed back of the patient before suggesting the right medicine.
We hope the days are not far when every patient will find the right medicine for him or her and will be healthy always.

Prevention of Diseases
Protect against- "Cholera, Chicken Pox, Malaria,Cold,Hepatitis etc."

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Homeopathy Remedies
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