"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to Change" - Darwin

Policy and Strategy : Criterion 2

Excellent organisations implement their mission and vision by developing a stakeholder focused strategy. Policies, plans, objectives and processes are developed and deployed to deliver the strategy.

    2d. Strategy and supporting policies are communicated and deployed through plans, processes and objectives.

  • -Define the required outcoms & related performance indicators and establish targets based on comparison of their performance with other organisations and the mission & vision.
  • -Deploy strategy and supporting policies in a systematic manner to achieve the desired set of results, balancing short & long term objectives.
  • -Maintain and align an organisational structure and a framework of key processes to deliver their strategy in a way that adds real value for their SH achieving the optimum balance of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • -Align individual and team objectives with the organisation�s strategic goals and ensure they are empowered to maximise their contribution.
  • -Communicate strategy and supporting policies with SHs in an appropriate way
  • -Set clear goals & objectives for innovation and refine their strategy in line with the improvement.

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